Meet Dr. Day

Dr. Day graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with honors in 1994. He holds a license in 4 states, and has treated countless patients. He has been certified in disability ratings for many years, as well as performing peer review for many insurance companies.

Dr. Day’s experience in Chiropractic is vast. He has treated numerous auto accident victims, as well as many different types of workers compensation cases.

After many years as a chiropractor, Dr. Day remains enthusiastic and loves to meet, and treat, new patients. “This is the perfect career for me,” he states.

He has developed a reputation for being detailed, systematic and meticulous. These are traits required not only for patient care but for the many aspects that parallel patient care and treatment.

Dr. Day has, on many occasions, been an expert witness for auto accident victims, as well as a patient advocate for workers’ compensation patients. He has spent countless hours studying common and uncommon injuries relating to auto accidents. Dr. Day understands the importance of being current on the latest research, as it will have a direct impact on treatments, as well as the case as a whole.

Dr. Day’s mission is to provide patients with the best treatments available for their particular condition. He understands that you have a choice in your healthcare, and wants all his patients to feel that they made the right choice. His commitment is indisputable. He was the first to offer transportation to his patients in his previous location, whom had difficulty getting to his office due to pain limitations. This service expanded as Dr. Day realized that many patients who needed care sometimes had difficulty getting to the clinic. First Chiropractic is currently working with the Nevada department of transportation to offer this type of service here in Henderson, Nevada. He has volunteered his time and services to many local sports organizations, as well as the local Boys and Girls club.

Helping to create healthier lives, and to preserve the natural state of balance, is a rewarding life. “I absolutely love what I do, and love to help people in any way I can” states Dr. Day. “I am so excited to practice in Henderson, Nevada, my wife and I absolutely love it here, and my daughter is a graduate from UNLV.”

The name he chose for the clinic “First Chiropractic” was meant to express how he feels about his job and his patients. “Our patients come before anything else, we are patient advocates and proud of it.”