Digital X-Ray

First Chiropractic offers digital x-ray services. There are many benefits to using digital x-rays. To start, it’s less radiation to our patients. As spine specialists, we often take multiple x-ray views to help us diagnose your condition. Digital x-rays allow us to obtain all the views we need without overexposing you to unsafe levels of radiation.
Time is another benefit due to the instant availability of the images. Initial diagnostic results, as well as any required additional x-ray images, are obtained in minutes or hours instead of days.
Fine tuning digital x-rays can be done using a computer program. This fine tuning is a big advantage, as it allows us, and any radiologist, to achieve specialized image results which can lead to faster and more accurate diagnosis. In addition, digital x-ray images can be enhanced and magnified in ways that traditional x-ray film cannot.
Furthermore, digital x-rays can be stored on a computer and can easily be transferred to other providers if the need arises. This not only cuts down on the environmental impact that film-based x-rays have but also allows us to instantly get impressions from other professionals when needed. We store all of our digital x-rays in compliance with HIPPA guidelines so your health information stays safe and secure.

How long do they take?

Taking x-rays on our digital x-ray machine literally takes minutes. It’s almost as simple as taking a picture with your phone. Digital x-ray is very accurate with the very best technology available. Once we capture the x-ray, we can see what the bone structure looks like. Unlike film x-rays, we can see the image within seconds and can re-take an x-ray right away if necessary. Film based x-rays need to be developed in a dark room and usually are not developed until after all views are taken. This process is not only time consuming but can result in having to re-take views that did not meet quality standards. This means a patient has to wait around for results. Not with digital x-rays! Digital x-rays are fast and reliable, with any re-takes done immediately.

Are digital x-rays bad for you?

The fact that x-rays have been used in medicine for such a significant length of time shows how beneficial they are. Although an x-ray alone is not always enough to diagnose a disease or condition, they are an essential part of the diagnostic process.
There is clearly a benefit to having x-rays, especially digital. But any level of radiation poses a potential risk to patients. For that reason, we want to minimize your exposure as much as possible. At First Chiropractic we follow a general principle in radiation safety known as ALARA – as low as reasonably achievable.
We understand the benefits and risks of x-rays and would never increase a patients risk unnecessarily.