Auto Injury

It is important to choose the right doctor after a car accident. Not all doctors understand the complexities of injuries that can result due to a motor vehicle accident. Dr. Brian L. Day has been on the forefront of motor vehicle accident research and treatments since 1994. Whether you are involved in a rear end collision, side impact or rollover accident, Dr. Day can help.

You are not alone when you begin treatment at First Chiropractic. We use a multidisciplinary approach to care. Think of us as the manager of your injuries. We will treat what we can at the clinic, and use other professionals when required to do so. By using a team approach, our outcomes are much more positive.

At First Chiropractic, we have made the intake process easier by incorporating an online forms submission process, as well as an online accident questionnaire. This means that you can fill out all necessary paperwork beforehand, limiting the time you spend at the office. Motor Vehicle Accidents are serious. Even a low speed collision can cause injuries. You owe it to yourself and any occupants to get a thorough examination immediately after a car accident.